11.12.2021: Edo Murić interview for Montenegrin Public Television Broadcaster RTCG.

06.07.2021: Belgrade-based broadcast the Cinephillia in 21st Century podcast, featuring Edo Murić.

04.05.2021: Dina Murić was a guest at the new JUGOSPORA podcast, with Mirjana Stošić, which is featured on Belgrade-based

03.05.2021: Review of Dina Murić poetry at

25.04.2021: Hardcover edition of The Death of Murnau is now available in our store.

18.04.2021: Television documentary film Agimi- Sunrise (2010, dir. Edo Murić) had a re-run screening at the montenegrin regional state TV Rozaje, as part of the anniversary of the Kaluđerski Laz massacre of April 1999.

06.04.2021: The Death of Murnau featured as the book of the day at the literary journal Fenomeni.

04.04.2021: Edo Murić interview for Montenegrin Daily Newspaper Vijesti.

30.03.2021: Edo Murić entry on

23.03.2021: Edo Murić interview for the FOS Media.

19.03.2021: Three poems by Božidar Proročić, the Montenegrin poet and publicist, translated in German.

27.02.2021: Božidar Proročić on his poetry collection project, with entries by Dina Murić.

27.02.2021: Read here the interview with Edo Murić about his latest novel The Death of Murnau.

29.01.2021: A review of the poem "Father" by Dina Murić, written by writer and publicist, Hodo Katal.

28.01.2021: An interview with Dina Murić and Tanja Bakić at Kazivart Forum.

21.01.2021: The opening chapter of The Death of Murnau translated to Bosnian-Croatian-Montenegrin-Serbian, published at Čovjek-Časopis.

11.01.2021: A media report on Bihor je Svijet, cultural event, where Dina Murić had an entry at Kazivart forum.

25.11.2020: New Dina Murić poetry at covjek-casopis.

24.11.2020: Death of an Impostor screened at Bioskop, in Brunnengasse - the experimental film venue.

20.11.2020: Dina Murić interview for Montenegrin media.

Announcement - Apr 2020

"Death of an Impostor" at Moscow Shorts International Short Film Festival — Nov 2019

Content migration to the new website — Oct 2019

Dina Muric special guest at the Risto Ratkovic literary festival — Oct 2019

Balkanski Evnuh promoted in Vienna — Oct 2019

Book promotion: "Beranske Priče" by Mela Hadrović — Oct 2019

11.05.2017: Dina Murić poetry at

06.19.2009: Media report on the documentary film Svitanje for Vijesti (archived).