Book promotion: "Beranske Priče" by Mela Hadrović

Post date: Oct 14, 2019 12:46:59 AM

01.10. 2018: The book Beranske Price (Berane Chronicles) by Mela Hadrovic - Muric was promoted on Saturday night, in the full hall of the Berane Cultural Center. The organizer of the promotion was the Berane Public Institution, and the following guests spoke about the book: Slobodan Vukovic - publicist and writer, prof. Dr. Drasko Dosljak and historian Serbo Rastoder - Editor of Almanah Magazine.During the promotion, an essay written by Dr. Petar Rmush, which was dedicated to the late Faik Hadrovic, the father of the author of the book, was read, which she said was included in the book as a foreword.As pointed out by the book's promoters, Beranske price is "a kind of journey through a time in which people who, in and of themselves, carried humanity, kindness, honor, joy, evil, wickedness, unhappiness" ...Book by Mela Murić-Hadrović was published by ALMANAH, Podgorica.