ENFANT SAUVAGE presents - A Film by EDO MURIĆ - Based on the Book by IBN AL-NAFIS

Genre: Animation, Sci-Fi - Format: 4K

DIRECTOR'S NOTES: The idea for this project came more than ten years ago. At the time I started experimenting with layered 2d animation, however, the technology to create exactly what I wanted wasn't there yet. My fascination with this ancient philosophical tractat, one of the earliest pieces of speculative fiction, as well as a treatise on theology, biology, soul and determinism, had to wait for better times.

In the meantime, technology has caught up and made my specific approach possible. My treatment of the animation is on one hand higly cinematic. However, the most crucial aspect of it is to approach the animation as a form of collage or even a painting. Each frame is supposed to be very complex and the animation itself combines rotoscopy and direct, manual animation of characters.

Latest news, interviews and other information regarding this project will be appearing on this page.

Theologus Autodidactus, The Self-Taught Theologian (اللاهوتي العصام). This film is currently in production.