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Enfant Sauvage
Enfant Sauvage is an art collective consisting of a sibling duo: filmmakers Edo Murić and Dina Murić, who are based in Vienna, Austria.
We stand for mysterious and playful aesthetic, for the auratic and old. Our projects are provocative. For us there are no cultural or geographic limits. There is no project that to us is too complex or unfeasable. Our interest is mostly in documentary and motion pictures, but other artistic endevours are far from unexpected, especially when it has to do with images and illusions. Our mission is to always unite art with social discourse.
Our metaphorical soul is one of a child - the motive of anarchy and self discovery always appears in our artistic creations. This website is not just an informative presentation of our work, it is also a creative platform of its own, a unique gallery, a museum of thoughts which influence our creativity.

Copyright 2017 Edo Muric.